In The Name of The Unique Architect of The Universe

About Mahdi Zabetnia:
• Born (1979) and raised in city of Mashhad (Iran) to an Azari, kind, caring, and art lover family.
• Having been being deeply associated with painting, music, and Iranian art and culture since childhood.
• Familiarity with Iranian music and going through different courses on Iranian music supreme Radifs.
• Familiarity with and conducting research in the art of making musical instruments under tutelage of Ebrahim Ghanbarimehr
pioneer in making musical instruments in Iran, and making musical instruments for some of the best and leading Iranian musicians.
• Familiarity with Iranian painting and handicrafts and receiving instructions from mentors in these majors across Iran.
• Familiarity with and conducting research in classical and modern styles of Iranian calligraphy and going through various courses of Iranian Momtaz
calligraphy under tutelage of Iranian great masters and mentors such as Gholam Hossein Amirkhani, Mostafa Mahdizadeh, Mohammad Karim Karimi,
Ali Farzaneh, Moein-al-ketab Isfahani.
• Holding B.A and M.A degrees in “Architecture” and “Restoration and Maintenance of Historical Sites” from Tehran University of Art.
• Having served as a lecturer at Mashhad, Neyshabour, and Torbat-e Jam Universities, teaching a variety of basic and specialized courses on architecture.
• Being ranked as the Top University Lecturer in the universities that I have taught in.
• Founder and managing director of Paj International Architecture Group (2004 – Present)
• Participating in DAAD Summer School organized by Germany’s Ministry of Science for the Iranian elite university students (2003) in Uni Wuppertal .
• Having Emirati citizenship (2005-2011), serving as a consultant and interior designer in collaboration with Hasht Architecture Group.
• Collaborating in designing and implementing decorative works of Tehran metro.
• Participating in 7 international exhibitions of Interior design, architecture and mass construction held in Mashhad, Tehran, and Kish Island and receiving certificates of appreciation.
• Designing and implementing the memorial monument of Arya Sasool Petrochemical in Asaluyeh, Bushehr Province, Iran.
• Architectural consultant in Narges Razavi projects located in Shohada Square, Mashhad, Iran.
• Designer of Recreational-Cultural Coplex of Mashhad water & Waste Water Co.(2013)
• Designer and Executor of Hadish Palace International Five-star Halls (Employer: Mr. Chamani)
• Designer and Executor of Tabaran Four-star Museum Hotel (Employer: Mr. Talebian)
• Designer of Parseh Five-star Museum Hotel (Employer: Mr. Rooband Foroush)
• Designer and Executor of Danesh Five-star Hotel ( Employer: Mr. Rafati)
• Designer and Executor of Sun Palace Trade Tower ( Employer: Mr. Ghooshabadi)
• Designer and Executor of Kian Four-star Hotel ( Employer: Mr. Kishbafan)
• Designer and Executor of Abrisham Two-star Hotel (Employer: Mr. Abbaszadegan)
• Designer and Executor of Sahand Two-star Hotel (Employer: Mr. Feyzi)
• Designer and Executor of Barin Two-star Hotel (Employer: Mr. Sedaghati)
• Designer and Executor of Parseh Apartment-Hotels (Employer: Mr. Rooband Foroush)
• Designer and Executor of Paj Apartment-Hotel (Employer: Mr. Bagheri)
• Designer and Executor of Ala Apartment-Hotel (Employer: Mr. Sohrabi)
• Designer and Executor of Kondez grand Fast food (owner Mr. Chamani)
• Designer and Executor of Mellat Bank’s Management Office (Khorasan Razavi Headquarters)
• Designer and Executor Tejarat Bank’s Management Office (Khorasan Razavi Headquarters)
• Designer and Executor of Mellat Bank’s Facade (Danesh Branch, Mashhad)
• Interior Designer of Jannat Four-star Hotel (Employer: Samen-al Aemeh Inc., Isfahan)
• Designer and Executor of Ehya Gardeshgar Toos Tour & Travel Agency (Employer: Samen-al Aemeh Inc., Isfahan)
• Designer and Executor of Tootia Trading Company (Employer: Mr. Mohseni)
• Designer and Executor of Façade and Conference Hall of Iranian Organization for International Conventions (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
• Designer and Executor of over 18 Residential & Villa Projects across Iran (Since 2003)